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  • nalfx
    Guests staying at the hotel, take the kids to the Wildlife Park, convenient, room service staff is relatively friendly, large rooms, the surrounding is also more convenient to eat, Nice.
  • alice85
    As one staying Shakespeare sea international big hotel of customer, I with personally experience from inside of think, shahai international big hotel environment clean, room layout reasonable, elegant and losing mood, service thoughtful, let people very pleasant. to I create has a home of feel, regardless of big at to small are is so impeccable, price also is reasonable. hotel provides Pudong airport shuttle machine service, turn and evening aircraft special convenient, and shuttle of driver service is good is intimate, recommended staying... The only thing is there is no breakfast, very depressed ... ...
  • naitesi
    Nice hotel, elegant environment, health and tidy, in particular the airport shuttle service is warm and considerate, the hotel's WIFI are stronger than others, Internet speed. transit also chose this hotel next time.
  • bobby88888
    Facilities good, the breakfast was great too, old children love!
  • answer709394
    Overall good car transport
  • badwai
    It's not bad
  • loretta55
    It's OK
  • lds915
    To go to the Safari Park to live the next day-the price is very affordable
  • luna09
    Hotel facilities very good and offers airport shuttle service, highly recommended!
  • emerson2000
    Airport transit hotel, it was very good ... not far from the airport, without the noise of aircraft taking off and landing, there are free shuttle services. four star hotels are good in every respect, loft also has a rotation of Japanese landscape restaurant, when sent 2 20-Yuan voucher, for a good buffet, seafood is fresh ... recommend friends stay in transit.
    Hotel facilities very good, rooms comfortable, food matching well, especially Japan cuisine
  • Emile
    Best hotels near the Wildlife Park, drive about 10 minutes, that's easy. Hotel does well, listed four stars, the price is right, and Pudong International Airport complimentary airport transfer distance is not far. mid-autumn day to the wild animal park to play should be a lot, recommended occupancy.
  • lalturiaf
  • diliuyuansu
    Hotel sanitation all right, easy to eat around, but no features, thoughtful service, sent free of charge to bring a lot of convenience, lack of bathroom towels is poor and the hotel chain, building good, night by wake the couple next door (you know). depressed Ah!
  • e01639764
    The location is good, foreign guests satisfied, airport shuttle buses are timely, call, special thanks to Shen-Manager and transfer Department's handsome brother, breakfast was good, location is very good, only 2 km away from the station less than away
  • e00357680
    Room carpet was the last tenant to leave the peanut shells and seeds, water for a long time still no heat ... ...
  • e05735484
    OK health clean, free shuttle service to the airport
  • davidow
    That's good
  • gxj1234_82
    Exquisite hotel, small rooms, advanced equipment, the following is a McDonald's, lots of food around, there is a market for shopping.
  • xtgg1021
    Near the airport so be it.
  • lily521520
    Go to Pudong airport for a day, not bad
  • genjiwai
    This helps foreigners set reflected good, foreigners targeted in the future. is mainly good location, not far from the company, not far from the airport, and complimentary airport transfer. room features good, bed was very comfortable and clean. combination of Chinese and Western breakfast, foreigners also liked.
  • mesmer
    Good of hotel, airport near, has free shuttle machine service. front desk is enthusiasm, staying when also has many pilots in handle staying, are is guy, unified of uniforms, is seductive. hotel room than larger, is clean. second days breakfast also good, catch Airport Shuttle, eat has points on go has. next to Shi again to wildlife park play play, Baidu map see distance very near.
  • leon2003
    Hotel very close to Pudong airport, pick up service was excellent value. The plane was late, waiting patiently. Hotel service is excellent, efficient check-in and check out, unlike other hotels had to wait for a long time.
  • allround
    Facilities and services are very general, older, and booking the room in question.
  • calvinlam25
    All right
  • gracejinfang
    Okay, to the hotel went to bed and slept until the next day!
  • e00155782
    The foreigner customers to reserve the room for the company, feedback is satisfactory. Pudong International Airport complimentary airport transfer service very good. of room facilities, health services were appreciated a plus, as well as the reflection of the breakfast is also very good. customers come and stay at this next week.
  • free511
    Nice hotel great, the rooms are large, have free service in the morning to the airport 20 minutes
  • e05185613
    Well, at 12 o'clock at the Pudong airport, contact master hard to pick up after us, this 20 minutes. service attitude is good ... very good.
  • billy168
    OK ... service was good, very warm
  • cocowang_88
    Big bed room is better than double
  • gaoyang1208
    Front desk very friendly, other senses are general prices because business is so good price, it's worth the price.
  • luda1990
    Nice, pretty clean
  • stelex
    Very comfortable rooms, health and also to trust, waiter service quality, and strong execution, hotel facilities, I think is a very satisfying experience, choice of traveling friends can rest assured that quality,
  • amy2211
    Too far away from the city, going to the Zoo near the hotel, at night the air conditioning has no effect, call the front desk staff even said this evening after seeing air conditioning didn't open, had no idea getting cold, so bad, there are rooms don't even have a hair dryer, the room search didn't find
  • fsm19802000
    First times staying feel really good, will recommended to to airport of friends, to airport as long as 20 minutes, hotel free shuttle. front desk service attitude good, is patience registration I second days morning of flights time, ahead of wake I. is I to airport of master people also super good, sent I to T2 a step are not need more go. yihou as long as to Pudong airport I only live this. feel warm.
  • Atoris
    That's good.
  • ciciliyang
    Very nice hotel near the airport, free airport transfer service very attentive ... nice big, WiFi fast. breakfast very rich. transit will live.
  • N2035167121
    Good in every way, equipment not
  • ccwwdd
    Very good hotel, facilities, environment is also good!
  • Cliff3327
    All in all places are very remote, is that the airport shuttle is good.
  • MacSilver
    Pudong airport, approximately 15-20 minutes, airport transfer in place, to leave humanity. send whenever the machine is on the grid, is 24-hour service. all rooms are relatively new, bed very comfortable, bathroom all Kohler products, good. good breakfast service, variety, everything.
  • beautyillegal
    Pretty good
  • bearstar
    Good hotel, four star hotel, is huge, service was good, a bit far from the airport about 20km!
  • selena814
    Good hotel location. Pudong International Airport with complimentary shuttle service, shuttle is in place. little girl at the front desk were very friendly, check-in faster. helpful staff, WiFi signal is strong, Hollywood movies such as satellite TVs. good breakfast.
  • iceclear
    Pudong connecting preferred, room rug too failed, dirty
  • bfx0519
    Hotel room was spacious, might be rainy days, more humid room bedding quilts, always take an umbrella to the parking lot to drive to deposit in the hope of more human
  • lidagu666
    Hotel and pick-up at the front desk staff was very nice, and thoughtful service; room facilities, sanitation; WiFi signal is strong, very pleased with it.?
  • amyliu02
    A little bit biased, but free delivery